The SCG Candidate Interview Process

Our interview process consists of, not only sourcing and interviewing, but reporting, assessing, and background checks. We help develop appropriate compensation packages and follow up with you to ensure the right fit.


As an initial step, we meet with your staff and leadership to identify your company culture and current/future needs while ensuring that we are aligned with your expectations.


We use a variety of talent acquisition techniques, including social media and specialized platforms to identify the right individuals with the required strengths and qualifications.

Candidate Interviews

We typically spend an average of 6 hours with a candidate in review of various topics and skill set assessment. Through one of the most comprehensive processes in the industry, we diligently determine the personality and motivation of the candidate, what they’ve achieved in the past, how they’ve performed and their likelihood of exceeding your expectations.

Candidate Reporting

Our process requires written and verifiable track record documentation and specific market review from each candidate. This measures previous targets achieved against the individual’s performance goals as well as reveals their experience with specific products, services and markets.

Candidate Profile Assessments

These assessments measure a candidate’s behavior & motivations, specifically what personality they exhibit on the job and what influences their decision-making.

Comprehensive Background Check

Our in-depth background check that includes employee verification & reviews help you manage your company’s risk and provide total peace of mind in employment decision making.


Prior to recommending final candidate(s), we travel a second time, at our own expense, to personally meet with each of them in the city of the hiring position. This step is our final validation of the candidate(s).

Final Candidate Recommendation

At this point in the process, successful candidates are presented to you for review.

Client Interviews

Once you meet with our finalists to determine their job fit and qualifications for the position, we meet with you and the candidate to provide feedback to all parties.

Candidate Compensation Package

When a candidate is selected, we assist in developing the compensation package to meet your specific needs. We then present to the candidate for review & acceptance.

Review/Follow Up

Any successful process cannot withstand the test of time without consistent and timely review and follow-up. We feel this consistency and open communication of both parties increases client satisfaction and long-term employee retention.

Unconditional Candidate Guarantee

Our guarantee is that if the individual is not meeting their goals within the agreed upon timeframe, we will find another individual for you at no additional cost. We stand behind our guarantee for 12 full months from the hire date.


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