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Let Smytheport Consulting work side by side with your senior management to create an effective, long-term solution to your complex business challenges. Our team assists clients who are faced with the urgency of setting the foundation for transformational change. By stabilizing your finances and operations, we breathe new life into your business.

Corporate Turnaround Warning Signs:

  • Increased Competition
  • Technological Change
  • Global Economics and Overseas Production
  • Business Debt Restructuring
  • Corporate Financing Services

In a crisis, it’s often necessary to ramp up the control level and increase the speed of decision making. – Skip Prichard

Restructure Your Organization With SCG

Volatile market climates and increased competition force many organizations to reevaluate the path forward. SCG forms a powerful coalition within your organization to affect real change and drive results. Over the last decade, we’ve led many corporations through successful transformations by clearly setting expectations, developing custom solutions and providing the advisory role necessary to help each organization evolve.


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